The image most associated when someone says construction is of a classic building site. Bricks, foundations, cement everywhere. Imagery leans towards the grey and dull. However it is anything but! Construction impacts all of our lives in many wonderful ways, some not so wonderful, and we interact and engage with construction projects each and every day even if we dont know it.

The BBC produced an wonderful article to highlight life 'under construction' which highlights this point wonderfully showing the amazing variation of construction that is underway each and every day. Do follow the link to this article to see all the submissions of 'under construction' from around the world and how those who have submitted the photos have viewed construction.

The multi-disciplinary nature of work here at Pick Everard across the consultancy helps us embrace different views of construction in our day to day work with teams coming together to share their views of construction and innovate to provide the best solution to every project. Taking inspiration from across the disciplines, asking advice and sharing knowledge from all these different views helps us understand and deliver great projects in our world 'under construction'.