The London architecture team at Pick Everard have had the opportunity to join in The Drawing Gym workshop run by Trevor Flynn. 

Trevor uses techniques from The Drawing Gym in his teaching in the C.E.G.E. department at UCL to improve spatial literacy and communication skills in the next generation of engineers. He teaches skills that are enjoyable to practice, and that can be used in typical work scenarios.  

The London team have engaged in three workshops so far, looking into various details of sketching and how to draw in orthographic to perspective, pushing and pulling shapes from building forms and the importance in line weights and how to appropriately line in the creases and profiles.

Sketching has many benefits, mainly allowing others to instantly visualise your thought processes in order to share a conceptual idea. It is a key tool in thinking and problem solving as all ideas are in front of you and can often spark new ones - it's the process that creates good design. 

Below are some of the examples of the processes and outcomes of the workshops: