Mentoring is incredibly rewarding; it helps share knowledge, personal experiences and supports the next generation of Architects.

The RIBA Student Mentoring Scheme helps students gain the insight and experiences of those within the industry. As part of this programme, I have recently started mentoring students at Loughborough University and have thoroughly enjoyed making even the smallest difference in their journey ahead.

This has involved helping to guide them on portfolio work, interview techniques as well as what to expect from working in practice, which has been extremely important to help prepare students to take their next steps. It’s fantastic that this gives them the confidence and provides them with an idea of what they can achieve with the right mindset.

I wish I had the opportunity back then to have the guidance as a student on what to expect outside of university, but I have been lucky enough to have some great tutors and colleagues that have helped guide me throughout my career.

It is a huge responsibility making sure you're positively giving students the confidence they need but at the same time being honest of what to expect in practice - as that is the 'real world' - and how every practice will give you very different experiences too.