The Queen gave her speech to both Houses of Parliament on 11th May 2021 outlining the key initiatives for the country in the coming year. 

The speech included a number of key issues, from the continued management of the pandemic with the  priority "to deliver a national recovery from the pandemic that makes the United Kingdom stronger, healthier and more prosperous than before" to leading on environmental challenges such as "achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050". Throughout the speech there was a clear and consistent thread of levelling up opportunities across the United Kingdom.

Here are some of those key initiatives and how they underpin the importance of Social Value: 

  • "Measures will be introduced to ensure that support for businesses reflects the United Kingdom’s strategic interests and drives economic growth [Subsidy Control Bill]. Laws will simplify procurement in the public sector [Procurement Bill]." - this refers to the new Procurement Bill to simplify procurement and require all public sector buyers to consider Social Value when engaging and selecting suppliers.

  • "Legislation will support a lifetime skills guarantee to enable flexible access to high quality education and training throughout people’s lives [Skills and Post-16 Education Bill]." - this Bill will support the levelling up of opportunities for people and the workforce through skills development and growth opening up employment opportunities.

  • "Legislation will set binding environmental targets [Environment Bill] " - tackling the vital environmental challenges facing us is a key focus and being bound legally to this will drive delivery including meeting the net zero carbon objective by 2050. This will have real impact on public sector drivers as well moving forward which will shape public sector priorities.

Initiatives outlined within the speech had a strong Social Value theme throughout with the majority of the initiatives addressing the following areas of meeting the economic challenges faced today and supporting businesses to thrive, supporting communities and improving social cohesion and tackling the environmental challenges that face us for the betterment of the United Kingdom.

These initiatives will drive Social Value delivery across the United Kingdom and contribute to the goal of leveling up communities enabling them to rebuild from the pandemic and thrive in the future.