Back in November 2020 I wrote about the new public procurement model that was going to be introduced for public sector buyers. This new model and policy changes have now been in effect since the 1st January 2021. 

The new policy changes and social value model has the potential to really transform public procurement in the UK. An interesting article by Philip Watson of HLM Architects looking at positive trends shaping procurement in 2021 highlights this change Social Value procurement policy as one of the top three positive trends to be seen in 2021.

One of the major advances the changes bring is a requirement of a minimum overall weighting for Social Value of 10% for the tenderers score; not only this but half of that 10% score must be attributed to health and well being initiatives. The remainder of the weighting addresses environmental benefits whilst the final quarter is dedicated to creating stronger communities.

I really welcome this significant policy change as consultants within the property and construction industry. The new model will promote wider social value discussion and real considerations by the public sector creating more opportunities to benefit communities.

Here at Pick Everard we work across such a wide range of sectors and disciplines within the public sector that the policy changes and new model offer an even bigger opportunity for us to deliver greater social value as it becomes a mainstream priority for procurement in the sector this year.