The Government has launched new measures, that will come into effect on 1st January 2021, to help support departments in assessing social value commitments in their contracts. Along with these new measures is a social value model to enable departments to score the wider positive benefits suppliers can generate by delivering their contracts.

The social value in procurement model includes key areas such as:

  • Support of COVID-19 recovery 
  • Addressing economic inequality  
  • Tackling climate change and waste
  • Promoting equal opportunity

The objective of the model and new measures are to ensure that tax payers value for money is maximised but also the building of a more resilient and diverse supplier base. 

The new approach will support greater opportunities for SME's and Social Enterprises to win Government contracts by demonstrating the full value they would generate. The new approach will realise this by applying tests that all bidders will be capable of meeting, irrespective of size and type, levelling the playing field for the contracts.

There is still a clear statement by the Government that Value for Money will still be paramount across all Government contracts, but this new release will see social value scores incorporated into assessments of contracts showing a clear drive from the Government to increase social benefit throughout their procurement. 

This advancement is great to see and will support the drive towards greater and wider benefits to communities we work and live in.