Pagabo recently launched their building blocks podcast series which provides a discussion and sharing of best practice forum for a number of key topics around construction. One of the recent building blocks podcasts was focused on Social Value and brought together practitioners and experts from industry as well as best practice organisations; it was chaired by Pagabo's Executive Chairman Gerard Toplass and involved Fozia Parveen at ISG, Sara Lawton at Construction Impact Framework and Victoria Johnson at Social Profit Calculator.

The key topics covered include:

  • What Value does Social Value have in the construction setting?

Takeaway: Effective and lasting impact from Social Value is driven by early engagement of key stakeholder which creates real value to communities where projects are delivered. With construction projects usually being quite large undertakings and high value there is great impact that can be delivered in communities through Social Value initiatives

  • Has there been a move away from 'tick box' Social Value to more authentic evidencing of this?

Takeaway: Social Value starts with the client. Value needs to be understood at the client level in order to move away from cheapest is best towards a value-based procurement process and this will contribute largely towards addressing the 'tick box' approach to Social Value delivery.

  • How has Social Value continued to be delivered during lockdown?

Takeaway: There has been a major embracing of digital platforms and ways of working which has helped the continual delivery of Social Value during the lockdown. This adaptation looks set to continue to drive and support delivery into the future.

  • What does the future of Social Value look like for construction?

Takeaway: Every £ spent is key and there is a need to challenge the 'tick box' social value approach to really have the opportunity to address levels of inequality across communities.

Here at Pick Everard and Perfect Circle we are focused on delivering value for our clients and as Social Value Lead I believe we have some great opportunities ahead to drive further value through our Social Value work. Similarly to some of the insights from the podcast, our Social Value delivery has had to adapt during Covid and we have embraced our digital capability to enable this. 

Continual improvement around how we approach and engage not only our clients around Social Value but also all of their key stakeholders is a major focus and getting this right in these uncertain times will help unlock greater impact from the work we do.