I am selling my house for the first time in my life. Being an interior designer and very house proud, my priority is to ensure that the house is perfectly presentable when the potential buyers' arrive for their viewings. I KNOW they are going to judge because this is what I would do if I was buying a house. 

Being clean and tidy is something I have grown up with. My mother is a very house proud lady. I was taught to ensure that whenever a guest visits the house it should be immaculate. ''Look after your belongings'' - this is what she would say and she is right. We work hard for nice things and we should be proud of them. 

My house is a representation not only of myself, like many of you, but also my career, so I do tend to be even more precious over my home. I expect to be judged by guests, in only because of my profession! But what about you? What are people judging when they arrive into your home? Let me tell you...

1. The smell

2. The temperature

3. Whether or not the house has been hoovered

4. How comfortable the furniture is

5. If the washing up has been done

6. Dirty windows

7. The books you own

8. How well kept the furniture is

9. The colour of the walls

10. If ornaments or shelving are dusty

I am biased, but I will say that all of the above are well considered in my house and I have learnt that people love the site of fresh flowers, the smell of fresh coffee, freshly baked bread, lit candles and air fresheners. Apparently, these things are more likely to help you sell your house, so I will soon find out!

Finally, I thought I would share some interesting facts about the things people do when they are expecting visitors. Some of you may relate to these! 

1. 86% will give the house a 'major clean' before the arrival of a guest.

2. 1 in 4 people buy candles or air freshers for the arrival of a first time visitor.

3. A fifth will clean the windows before their guest arrives.

4. 48% quickly hide clutter in cupboards if a visit is arranged at short notice.

5. 3 in 10 splash out on fancy food and drink for the arrival of first time visitors.

6. 50% will give their home a quick hoovering if a visit is arranged at short notice.

7. 28% purchase flowers for the arrival of a first time visitor.

8. 1 in 5 adjust wonky pictures.

9. 1 in 10 Brits will keep areas of their home off limits until their guests have arrived.

10. 33% judge the living room the most when visiting a friend's house.