I came across an article about The Hoxton, a well known, fashionable hotel I visited with a colleague in London a few months ago. They have recently announced a new dedicated co-working concept called Working From, which will debut this October in the newly opened Hoxton Chicago and upcoming Hoxton Southwark in London.

We didn't visit to 'stay over'. Social media informed us that it would be a comfortable, trendy place to sit down, get a coffee and discuss some work opportunities in the area. The vibe was relaxed and welcoming, with a range of users; some smartly dressed, some tapping away on laptops, and some hipsters with doggies by their sides. Generally, they were all casually dressed, chatting to associates, 'zoned-out' with headphones on or making phone calls. The space was full of activity and their was a real buzz about the place. 

Over the past 13 years, The Hoxton chain has built a reputation for their 'relaxed open door lobbies', and everything about their ethos and space encourages people to work there. The furniture, lighting, materials and facilities create an welcoming, work friendly ambience. 

The Hoxton really shows how co-working has taken a step up from the 'coffee shop' concept where it originated from, with the considered design of their public spaces making it a place where people choose to work from.

As a Millennial and interior designer,  I certainly want a welcoming and attractive environment where I will be happy to sit, generate ideas, socialise and feel comfortable. It is interesting to see hotels like The Hoxton, regularly being used as spaces for spontaneous collaborations, informal meetings and creative inspiration are now developing their own dedicated co-working spaces, which has been born essentially from the interior design of their hotel lobbies.  

Following COVID-19, it will be fascinating to see whether companies consider reducing office space and paying rental fees, and instead opt to use readily available, well designed spaces with no long term contracts. Whilst hotels were previously considered luxury to many of us, will new concepts like The Hoxton's 'Working From' see the rise of affordable, luxury co-working spaces and the end of private offices?