Recently held Forum for the Built Environment (fbe) virtual webinar presented by Bernard Savage from Tenandahalf proved to be great success for all attendees.

Here is a quick event summary of how you can keep Business Development going in these unprecedented times:

1. KEEP IN TOUCH with your existing contacts via phone or video calls

As weeks go by more and more people are adapting to having a quick catch up over video calls so why not give it a go? Ensure you have a topic in mind that you would like to discuss, this will strengthen your current relationship, don’t just talk about COVID-19. Think of something positive!

Create a virtual “Coffee Plan”. Think of 10-12 contacts who you would like to strengthen the relationship with, someone you've known for a few years and have a good rapport with. Think of topics you can discuss with these contacts, can you offer them any support? Virtually introduce them to anyone? Is there an event that they could find useful that you can mention to them? To avoid awkwardness, contact them only if you have something interesting to share.

2. CREATE CONTENT to stay visible 

Think of topics that will be interesting to your current connections and could attract potential targets.

Think about the questions your clients ask you and see if you can write about this. 

Have you read something interesting and want to comment on it?

Is there a topical issue that’s stuck in your mind? Try to avoid titles such as COVID or Brexit update, instead think of something that has resulted out of the issue and how this will impact our industry or your business. 


Review, refresh and post. 

Social media is your new best friend; accessible, free and quick.

Make sure people are seeing your name and not forgetting your face whilst you're not out and about at networking events. Stay away from controversial topics.


Bernard created a great template for you to keep yourself organized and on track with your actives. He is happy to share it, if you contact him:

Other great resources with you may find useful: - great document that can be utilized by most consultancy disciplines.