Taking the opportunity of today being 50th anniversary of Earth's Day, it is worth looking at the current status where only 9% of the world is circular according to the Circularity Gap Report for 2019.

With more and more projects looking to be Net Zero Carbon, let's not forget that in the majority of cases targets are being set for operational energy. We are currently working on several projects for local authorities and government agencies in the education, workplace and blue-light sectors where that is the case but it is encouraging to see that we are also being asked, or if not we are proposing to clients to do so, to also undertake Life Cycle Assessments to understand the baseline of initial design proposals and then evaluate improvements even if no set target has been formally set.

The UK Green Building Council and the London Energy Transformation Initiative (LETI) are also including embodied carbon analysis in their framework and proposed methodologies. We should be in the near future in a position where this area of work is part of the basic scope in many projects. This also therefore raises the need to evaluate if deep retrofit refurbishments are actually a better option for clients and we shouldn't refrain from having those conversations where we have the opportunity.

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