In the current challenging situation, I believe that the safety of individuals should remain at the forefront of the conversation. 

There has been widespread concern about the lack of clarity in how the current 'lock-down' measures affect construction workers and sites. Current policy states that construction workers could (and should) continue to go to work as long as they are able to remain two metres apart at all times. From experience, my colleagues and I understand that this is far from simple.

I have been working closely with our Health and Safety team over the past week, and we feel strongly that procedures need to be put in place to safeguard society and reduce risk: to workers, the public, clients, contractors and the broader industry.

To support our teams and the industry, our consultancy teams are working on a guidance note advising on arrangements to manage risk and manage the spread of Covid-19 on sites. This includes key considerations for formulating Risk Management Procedures and Construction Phase Plans.

We look forward to sharing this with you shortly. We are in this together and this document will be available to anyone in need. Key areas of guidance will will include:

  1. Management of health and safety on site
  2. Security considerations for closing sites
  3. Management of sites remaining open
  4. Decommissioning and subsequent recommissioning
  5. How to navigate possible contractual issues 
  6. How to keep your projects moving 

We will be making further information available as soon as possible. 

Abigail Blumzon — Client Project Delivery Advisor at Pick Everard