The round table discussion by Marie Claire was truly inspiring and thought provoking and focused on the main idea of men as allies to promote and pave the way for women to in the workplace to succeed and achieve their goals.

Women can champion other women in the workplace and I most definitely believe that as a woman, we should be aiding and supporting each other first and foremost.

However, many of the issues that women face in the workplace, such as feeling that there are barriers hindering their progression into more senior positions, require support and action from the industries as a whole. And this is exactly where men as allies plays a key part, because the issue of gender inequality in the workplace is not one sided.

The round table discussion highlighted collaboration as a key mantra going forward promoting women in the workplace as well as valuing the input of both genders to help tackle the issues that need to be overcome. Several prominent male figures working in various industries are already actively promoting for women in the workplace to help facilitate this. 

In the run up to International Women's Day, something that we can all takeaway from this is that all genders have the equal responsibility to help support one another and to become mentors and role models for others around us.