I recently attended the National Social Value Conference 2020 which showcased the leading thoughts and action around Social Value; from procurement to implementation and measurement to analysing impact and looking ahead to future developments. 

There were keynotes speeches from Baroness Diana Barren MBE - Minister of Civil Society, Terry Collins - Durham County Council, Nigel Wilson - Chief Exec Legal and General and Natalie Nicholles - Capital Coalition. As well as great workshop sessions on radical transparency, My Money Matters - the strength of where you invest and integrating Social value in the planning process.

Here is a summary of some key takeaways from the conference and looking ahead into 2020 to drive Social Value delivery across all sectors.

Summary of Day 1 - key focuses and topics

  • Time to act
  • Environmental focus in 2020
  • Build sense of community
  • Young people and the future - especially outside school/education
  • Social Value expanding from procurement of services to goods and products
  • Local and Social Enterprise focus - including SME and Micro businesses
  • Challenge of good quality data and using this to inform decision making
  • Public sector mutuals or co-ops could drive future engagement
  • Targets should be proportional to the length and magnitude of each project phase
  • Supply chain support and engagement - making it clear and simple
  • Well-being

Day 2 Summary of conference

  • Co-production
  • Impact investment
  • Well-being and happiness measures
  • Children and young people – opportunities inequality
  • Opportunity poverty
  • Negative outcomes are not really addressed in Social Value reporting
  • Social, natural and human capital
  • Green Finance
  • Ethical Investment
  • Project Life-cycle Social Value delivery

Overall Take-aways

There was a clear drive behind the environmental element of Social Value, understandably given the last few years of increasing visibility and impact of climate change around the world as well as the UK. Another key theme was the focus on the well-being of people in the community and in the workplace and the measurement around this. Finally, there was a continued theme which has been seen over the last few years of engagement with the supply chain and supporting where possible to maximise Social Value impact across a projects whole life-cycle rather than in silos at each phase.

Looking to the year of 2020

For us at Pick Everard and Perfect Circle we always look to continually improve and looking ahead to this year we are committed to drive our Social Value impact to meet our communities and clients needs. We have signed up to the Climate Emergency and Biodiversity Declaration with clear objectives around our environmental impact and supporting the supply chain and clients in this. With our key focus on supply chain, our clients and our communities 2020 will be an exciting year to drive impact in the Social Value space.