Within the built environment there are many areas that play an important role in community life. The sports and leisure sector has many benefits such as improving the health and wellbeing of individuals. These buildings can promote the development of inclusive communities, by creating new areas for groups and teams to come together.

The Government have also reinforced this and have issued a report in January 2018, Sporting Future: Second Annual Review. This highlights the importance of harnessing the benefit of sport and leisure can have on a range of agendas including health, education, social cohesion, transport, the environment and planning. They are committed to making sports and leisure activities easily accessible to everyone. The report comments that the "focus in the future will be on the benefits that sport can bring to people and to society, built around a simple set of outcomes: physical wellbeing, mental wellbeing, individual development, social and community development and economic development." It's reassuring to see that public funding will be directed to delivering these outcomes and success. 

Delivering social value as part of our projects which address the wellbeing of individuals and communities is so rewarding. We are currently working on the expansion of Ripon’s leisure centre, which involves creating a new 25m pool and associated changing and community areas. A new main entrance and viewing gallery will be added to the current centre, as well as upgrading the dry leisure facilities with new changing rooms and health suite, two dance studios, a ‘spin’ studio and a meeting room. This scheme provides high quality facilities which promote health and wellbeing, which is an essential ingredient for our communities. Once complete the expanded centre will be a fantastic venue to be enjoyed by the Ripon community for years to come.