From the 8th July the week long Skiffies World Championships for the St Ayles Class of coastal rowing boat took place in Stranraer. There were an estimated 30,000 people that attended the event with 700 + crews of rowers and 55 community built boats were in the region for the week-long event.

The event was held on Loch Ryan hosted by the town Stranraer and has enabled the unlocking of great potential for the area in terms of hosting major water sports events and develop as a water sports destination. The proximity of the Loch to the town enables events such as the Skiffies World Champs to be "driven by the local community and benefit the local economy" a quote from the project manager Ms Cuffe.

According to the Scottish Development International, it identified that the event boosted the south west Scottish economy by ~ £4million; much of the economic benefit being seeing in the local towns.

These events don't only contribute economic benefit but deliver social benefit through clear engagement and involvement of the local communities throughout. They are able to utilise the natural resources to: 

  • encourage tourists and others; businesses and investment - improving local jobs and employability to visit the area
  • impact health by greater engagement in the water sports and other activities
  • grow closer communities through enabling them to hold events of all sizes