A new proposal by Portsmouth City Council looks at addressing the key social need within the area of isolation. The proposal is for a community and housing development with one key feature - it will be Car Free!

The new proposal at Tipner West is a 140 acre site with the potential to include 4,000 homes, a school and car parks which are underground leaving streets pedestrian friendly. Public transport will be the key focus of this development including a bridge linking Tipner West and Horsea Island for buses and cycling only.

One of the key objectives stated by the proposal is to "create a more visible community" through the elimination of cars as well as changing the way people move around. The holistic view being taken by Portsmouth City Council for the proposal has enabled them to identify a key objective above and beyond just delivering more homes and schooling in the area. 

The public consultation for the project begins early next year with potential work starting in 2023 if the plans are approved. There is an opportunity to deliver real change and impact for the better when thinking of the whole community and social benefit across major projects such as this and I look forward to seeing how this develops over the coming years.