Today's HR Magazine's article on 'Sourcing Strategy Gap' asks "is it time for a new breed of recruiter to step forwards?"  The article suggests that there is a strategy gap between what companies need and want from recruiters and what they provide.  It also suggests that closure of that gap rests on the shoulders of recruitment alone.  

For me, if organisation's are going to get the most from these subject matter experts, the focus really needs to be on establishing a more productive two-way relationship.  Engaging with internal recruiters sooner, defining strategy together and partnering more closely will establish a climate of co-accountability.  A joined up approach between leaders and recruiters will have the most success for the attraction and onboarding of new talent, than leaving it with recruitment alone.

Internal recruiters have an opportunity to show themselves as trusted advisors to a much wider range of areas than has traditionally been associated with recruitment and to show true business impact. Sourcing, selection, assessments, resource planning, marketing, employee value proposition, succession planning, employer branding, onboarding, talent pipelining, the candidate journey, competitor mapping and international recruitment cover just some of their broad skillset, much of which can remain untapped.  Not to mention the huge impact they have on the quality of talent you're driving in to your organisation.  

To be really successful, it's crucial for hiring managers in turn to contribute more actively to building their relationship with recruiters - not just talking to them for short term vacancies - but engaging them in future plans and organisational changes, gaining their input when horizon gazing and being explicit about their requirements. This will provide internal recruitment with the space and knowledge to be truly proactive.  

If you're looking for an innovative or just different approach to recruitment support your team in that step and you'll reduce cost, increase quality and have a stronger employer brand.