A good news story!

Delivering value to society and the community we live and work in can take many different forms, Eggs & Bread are a café with a difference that are making an impact in their local community, they are:

- a not for profit enterprise that contributes to the community and adds value through providing breakfast

- embracing helping the community its based in, provides much needed value to all who go their 

- providing those with nothing to eat a place to come without fear of cost and provides them with a safe, comforting and happy place to spend time

Other such initiatives include:

The real junk food project run several cafes operating this pay what you like model. Set up in 2013 now has cafes in Glasgow and Manchester

Kindness share house a social supermarket selling food that would have been binned by regular supermarkets; intercepted 5000 tonnes of food equivalent to 11.9m meals.

Social Value takes many forms

Social Value can be delivered in many forms and the above are just a handful of examples that show what can be done to help communities. Across the Built Environment (and all sectors) opportunities to support social and voluntary enterprises should be maximised as they reach the parts of the communities that many other organisations are not able to due to either resource or skills gaps.