A bit of a throw back to one of my first ever projects as a Project Manager, the Beanfield and Gretton primary school project taught me a lot about the NEC contract suite and managing projects in an efficient and collaborative manner. 

The NEC contract is built around some key clauses, one of which is clause 10.1. "Act in a spirit of mutual trust and co-operation", however just as importantly, and missed by many, in the same clause, "act as stated". 

When managing this project both parties identified immediately the need to be collaborative whilst working as stated within the contract to ensure that all decisions were accounted for and any implications fully understood by both parties before decisions were made. Risk mitigation meetings were held regularly to ensure that informed decisions could be made in a timely manner, enabling the project to remain on course even during challenging periods.

Project Management is far more than contract management and sticking to the letter of the law. A successful Project Management team have the softer, people and collaborative skills that really make projects a success even when they have been challenging.