This week I've been reminded of the importance of offering continual, ongoing support for mental wellbeing.  

Annual campaigns, such as Mental Health Awareness Week, are a positive way to encourage people to talk and reach out to friends, family or colleagues but organisations need to ensure that the support they have available is visible and reinforced all year round, not just when the national conversation turns to it.   

We're all different. What affects someone's mental wellbeing won't necessarily affect others in the same way.  Most people's mental health will also not just be continuously good. It will rise and fall depending on pressures and/or experiences in their life at that time.  The level of support we need from one day to the next may therefore differ too.

It's important therefore that we #Asktwice all year round.  It's been found that 'I'm fine' is the standard reply we give 14 times per week, whilst we only mean it 19% of the time.  (Mind and Mental Health Foundation).  

So how do we maintain an effective mental wellbeing strategy all year round?  Most importantly, look at trends, listen to feedback and engage your people in considering what ongoing support they may need.  Plan interventions throughout the year that are varied, flexible and accessible at any time - not just for a one week campaign.  

In this week's Pick Everard bulletin we're reminding our colleagues of our trained Mental Health First Aiders and our employee assistance programme.  We also provide year round mental health awareness training for line managers through our Pickademy e-learning platform.  All of our colleagues have the opportunity to access Private Medical Insurance as a staff benefit. In addition we'll be sharing ongoing advice and tips for enhancing mental well-being via a new HR intranet and a stress management toolkit which are under design.  

Pick Everard's ambition is to be the most Highly Regarded Consultant in the Property and Construction Industry.  We know that the wellbeing of our people, the diversity of our workforce and the culture we create are central to this ambition.  

We're continuing to develop the support we offer in this area so that it can genuinely make a difference.  I'd be interested to hear your work in this area too and I hope you find some useful ideas from the various personal resilience strategies in the article below.