As I sit over lunch break, eyeing mobile in one hand, sandwich in the other, I find myself spending 5 minutes catching up on all things newsworthy for the day. Somewhat ironic then that I come across an article with helpful tips to declutter your mind and allow more space for creative thought. 

As an Architect my creativity works best when given a little space - and I wont be the only one. Our design thoughts can often be overwhelming, considering a projects overall design in terms of both the macro, the design concept down to the fine micro detail all at the same time. This mental juggling act is what we enjoy as part of the problem solving process. 

We as designers and architects use our skills to distil raw information from our clients in order to develop a design brief that meets clients needs. Which in turn help us as designers to understand where we can push boundaries and ultimately think creatively around different solutions.  

Perhaps in order to at our creative best and solve design problems creatively, we need to make time for a short break and let our thoughts wander a little. Ultimately this short time spent exercising our own thoughts will prove more productive in opening up creative solutions for our clients.