With an increased number of graduates thinking they lack the right skills when leaving university, it is key to ensure they have access to the right learning resources, mentors and opportunities to gain first-hand experience.

In the new era of architecture, a lot of design work can be done without stepping away from your computer - with little or no visits to site. This has resulted in some upcoming architects finding it hard to understand the way in which major projects develop and how designs work in the real world.

Since joining Pick Everard, fellow graduates and I have been provided with the mentorship and support we require to truly understand the construction process, develop and hone essential skills and identify a path for our future careers.

Pick Everard’s recent Graduate Day is a great example of how new graduates like me can gain vital experience. The day saw graduates from across our offices brought together to connect, grow their network and to share their experiences within industry.

The day started with the chance to visit the RIBA HQ at Great Portland Street, with the other graduates and getting to tour the building and learn about the history of the organisation.

This was followed with a tour of one of London’s largest construction projects, the S9 building at IQL. LendLease provided us with the opportunity to look around the site, ask questions and experience how designs can come to life during construction.

And the day didn’t end there – concluding with all the team coming together for a ‘friendly’ game of Ping-Pong, giving us time to continue to build great working relationships with one another.

As a Part 1 Architectural Assistant, days like the Graduate Day are a great way for me to build my knowledge and understanding, whilst giving me and the other graduates on the programme a head start in the industry.