The way consumers choose to purchase products and services is being influenced ever more by their desire to see change and do good, driven by the consumers growing knowledge of what they buy. The recent survey by Doddle and YouGov found that in the UK this trend is growing rapidly and this shift can't be ignored by any organisation today.

A key finding from the survey identified that 43% of consumers would consider switching retailers if options of sustainable delivery were available. This shows consumers environmental consciousness has an influence over the criteria by which they value a product. The weight of this influence is what appears to be shifting as greater knowledge sharing takes place and the impacts of what people are consuming are becoming more apparent on our environment. 

This is not to say that cost, convenience are not still primary influencing factors, just that the weight of these factors has reduced, evidenced by the Doddle and YouGov survey showing that just under half of UK residents that took part may switch brand loyalty due to the sustainability factor; this increases to over half of UK residents in the 18-24 yrs category.

These developing values of UK consumers relate directly to a shift towards Social Values, specifically the environmental component of Social Value. By consumers using their purchasing power to drive change, organisations will react to meet these needs and drive a shift towards products and services embedded with Social Values