This morning I asked our entire firm to share with me their personal 'Pick Everard Story.'  I'm happy to say within minutes I was inundated with emails from colleagues ready to share their positive career stories.

It'll be hugely motivational for our firm to hear about individual success stories and we're looking forward to sharing these more broadly.  Social media posts, career blogs, podcasts and videos. We'll use a range of methods as part of a long term initiative to inspire more people to the profession, and to Pick Everard, by way of recruitment marketing.

What's most important to us is being authentic.  Sharing real stories, from real people which will undoubtedly give a positive and diverse perspective of our firm and the industry overall. By being authentic we'll be instantly more relatable. People will more easily be able to see we're the right fit for them.  What a great way to give our employees some recognition too for their progress and achievements.

 There's plenty of other great ideas that I'll be pondering over in this recruitment marketing blog by Beamer.