Another cohort of sixth form and college students are now anxiously waiting to pick up their results on Thursday (16 August). Associate director, Amanda Hancock, gives her advice on what to do next if you’re thinking that construction might be the career path for you.

The number of options available for students after finishing their A Levels now is huge – from taking the more academic route and going to university to the more vocational option of going straight into work.

So, where do you begin when starting to look for a career?

The construction industry is an incredibly diverse sector – there’s a wide variety of roles which range from office-based, 3D modelling and design jobs to architects, finance roles, environmental engineering and legal roles. It’s cliché to say, but there really is a role for everyone and the stereotype of construction jobs meaning that you’re exclusively stuck on dirty building sites all day is very outdated.

If you like both maths and art, perhaps architecture could be for you. If you enjoy science and problem solving then maybe engineering could be a career route that would suit you. If your strength lies in leadership then perhaps project management is an area to consider. Often times, students and learning providers just aren’t aware of the opportunities available in engineering and construction – the side of our industry that’s visible to the public only represents a very small element of it and the career opportunities available.

Being in the construction industry means you have the opportunity to physically improve and develop the environment in which we live – the built environment surrounds us and you could have a say in how it evolves. We’re a modern industry that’s constantly evolving. It’s creative, exciting and diverse.

So, you’ve got your A Level results – what now?

Take a deep breath – it’s time to consider all your options.

There’s a significant skills shortage in the construction industry at the moment so getting into the industry now really is the perfect time – we’re on the lookout for anyone with potential so it’s certainly an area that’s considering, even if it’s something you’ve never thought about before.

Apprenticeships are an amazing opportunity to learn a trade – a trade that we’ll always need – and earn money at the same time. It’s a professional career that doesn’t necessarily require a First-Class Honours degree.

At Pick Everard, we run our own training schemes and specific Young Engineers programme which is aimed at training students who have just finished their A Levels. It’s a fantastic opportunity to learn about the industry, discover which discipline suits you – and get paid.

On behalf of everyone at Pick Everard, I’d like to wish everyone picking up their results the best of luck and I hope to see a few of you in September.