After possibly the worst winter I can recall for triathlon training in the UK, the weather is starting to brighten up just in time for Pick Everard to take on the JLL property triathlon and duathlon.

Winter has seen some highs and lows, with the weather, injuries and somehow getting the numbers to all improve. Motivating myself to get through these tough times whilst working full time, completing a Master’s degree part time and undertaking my RICS Assessment of Professional Competence simultaneously can be interesting! However, by applying the same work ethic and drive to each aspect of my life, everything slots in to place. When you break down the hours of work spent on each element it often leaves me questioning if sleep is optional but just by simply wanting to succeed and striving for results I am able to keep pushing on.

Competing in the JLL races this year will form part of my season building up to compete in my second long distance triathlon. Training between 18 and 22 hours a week, starting my day with a training session at 6am and finishing it with University and APC work late into the evening, slotting in the day job and at least one other training session in between.

So far this year, I have seen vast improvements in my swimming and cycling with a new personal best over 25 miles on the bike taking me down to 54 minutes and 50 seconds, aiding my motivation to train hard and also taking these positives into my work at Pick Everard. Recently results have also been rewarding at work with promotion and at University with the sign off for my dissertation proposal.

My journey to the JLL property race will certainly see results across the board for teammates, colleagues and myself. What results are you aiming for?