Over the last few weeks, there has been an number of reports, on the new 5G network. 

The first 5G smartphones are realistically due to launch in 2020, with Samsung and Apple of course, leading the way.

However, it seems 5G may be more than just an upgrade on your existing 4G network. Of course, there will an increase data transfer speeds on your phone or tablet, but the potential of 5G extends beyond, faster downloads and streaming. Connected driver-less cars, adoption of smart cities and the ability to take advantage of artificial intelligence, may all play a part in the development and advantages of 5G. 

We understand that rather than the tradition transmitter mast's we currently see dotting around our landscape, 5G would utilise small scale cell transmitters, which could be erected virtually anywhere, for example on lamp posts. One disadvantage of the scale cell transmitters, could be that the signal produced, may be materially effected by obstructions, such as building or weather conditions, and therefore a "super network" would be required to ensure coverage at all times. 

From a construction viewpoint, the advantages of course could be greater flexibility and more agile working, and perhaps at last better efficiencies?