The budget is out and the main talking point is the increased stamp duty of £300,000 thought to save home-buyers on average £5,000 but what I'm really interested in is housing and infrastructure.   

I'm pleased to read that the £44 billion capital investment for the construction of affordable housing remains high on the agenda with another £400 million available regenerate housing estates plus a further £1.1 billion to unlock strategic sites for development.

Continual recognition for good quality infrastructure being essential for the economy and productivity is reflected as the sector continues to receive billions (at least £24bn) in funding for projects.  Efficiency, technology and connectivity are the key themes throughout the projects including the Transforming Cities Fund (£1.7bn), the Pothole Fund (£45m), the Digital Rail Upgrade (£84m), plus plans for Crossrail 2 are set to continue with Transport for London. 

All good news as far as I'm concerned with a further promise of circa £600 billion in the forthcoming issue of The Infrastructure and Projects Authority's publication of National Infrastructure and Construction Pipeline in December 2017 for the next decade.