Advances in VR, AR, robotics, 3D printing and wearable technology have the potential to transform the construction and property industry. 

Viral videos of brick laying robots and augmented reality construction sites are already doing the rounds on LinkedIn, but at the moment many of these are early prototypes a few years away from becoming commercially viable. 

The biggest opportunity as I see it is wearable technology; through this innovation many things like AR, advanced safety features and more accurate tracking of construction activities can find their way onto every day construction sites. 

The biggest challenge is joining up the dots. 

Interoperability of systems will either unlock or hinder the development of these game-changing technologies, and it will require multi-national tech firms and start ups alike to work hand in hand to bring new technology into the mainstream. 

One thing is for certain, whoever can unlock this conundrum first is in line to change how we work in our industry.

The image below of an AR safety helmet is provided by DAQRI, who were named as one of top 10 tech start ups by the Tech Tribune.