With the UK interest in modular/prefabricated housing obtaining more attention with the press continually report that it is the solution to the Housing crisis in London, developed economies such as the US, Australia and the UK are well behind in delivering with this technique compared with other countries. A recent study on the global uptake of prefabricated housing has found that Sweden beats the world hands down. About 84% of detached houses in Sweden use prefabricated timber elements, with Japan being another world leader at 15% of new detached/semi-detached houses are prefabricated. This compares with the US, Australia and the UK, with no more than 5% of permanent housing has any significant prefabrication.

As the template for an offsite housing strategy for London obtains political backing, the volume and efficiency will not only assist with skill shortages but also needs to drive down the capital costs. Hopefully these efficiencies are past onto the end user.