Pick Everard is mid-way through a five year change programme; the 2020 Vision. Designed to transform our business, open up opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship and provide a more focused approach to business, client and job management to improve the profitability and sustainability of our business relationships. 

Whilst every business is unique and there is no absolute right or wrong way of rolling out business change, the building blocks of our change programme will be common to many:

  • Ensure everyone knows why we're doing it and how they fit into the programme,
  • Review why, how and what we do to identify best practice, improvements and eliminate waste,
  • Ensure people have the tools they need to do their job, be that data, systems or other resources,
  • Encourage a culture of improvement and development in the business to help the programme deliver it's goals,. 

The article below is an interesting one, and one which will make me think slightly differently about how our 2020 Vision is achieved at Pick Everard.

The article argues that we should not focus on culture, which could be seen as the creation of a single homogeneous style within a business, but instead we focus on chemistry, making both similar and dissimilar things work in harmony for the good of the organisation.

Applying this theory to Pick Everard, it's clear that positive chemistry is what we strive to achieve. As a multi-professional business, a challenge we face is distilling the overall business objectives into discipline-specific goals; our Architects naturally have a different vision for their teams than our Project Managers, our Engineers too see the market and their objectives in a different light all together. 

By thinking about chemistry we can get those differing business teams to work together to achieve a common objective, whilst celebrating what makes each team unique and the best at what they do.