Collaboration for the construction industry means much more than the use of mobile apps and enterprise social platforms. 

For us, this is about creating a collaborative culture within a team of people who may have never worked together before and who have different, and often opposing, sets of objectives.

  • The introduction and use of the NEC suite of contracts has greatly facilitated the development of a collaborative approach to the delivery of projects and has helped to engender an ethos within organisations to support this. 
  • The use of frameworks by clients also creates an environment where relationships can be formed on a longer term basis supporting a mutually beneficial change in culture by organisations and the individuals involved. 
  • The introduction of the Conflict Avoidance Pledge by leading industry bodies will help to further enhance this approach. 

A collaborative culture which encourages teams to work together is an essential part of any team or organisation. The use of technology can then be used to assist these processes, allowing us to share ideas and work together to ensure the project is delivered efficiently.