Business culture is the most important factor in a successful business. 

Your bottom line is directly impacted by culture; staff satisfaction and happiness, employee retention, utilisation and profitability and even the rate at which your bills are paid can call be linked back to the culture your business has developed. 

  • A positive culture empowers staff to do more. It creates and environment and ethos whereby teams collaborate, clients feel more engaged and relationships across project teams are open, transparent and add value to the project being delivered. 
  • A negative culture can create silos within an organisation, focus the business too much on one particular factor, and ultimately creates a business where the good people leave and the bad stick around for the easy life. 

I've read some fascinating blogs and reports on the subject recently, this Q&A with the Chief Heart Officer of VaynerMedia (one of the fastest growing digital agencies in the US) identifies the importance of safety and security in the workplace, whilst this article from Cameron Moll of Facebook suggests chemistry, not culture, is what we should be focusing on. 

But I believe you need a few stand-out things in your business which your business can get behind. This might be an internal campaign to generate more feedback, or individual successes that resonate with a businesses core ethics and act as a catalyst to inspiring others to go the extra mile at work or in their community. 

With this in mind, I couldn't have been more proud to see one of my colleagues, Maela Baker, was named in the Top 50 Women in Engineering under 35 supplement as part of this year's International Women in Engineering Day (INWED). 

Maela is an inspiration to our business, with an amazing story (click the link below, she's number 5!) and a passion for our industry which makes me feel inspired to do more and I'm sure inspires others to do the same. 

Each business needs a Maela; someone who exemplifies the culture your business strives to build and nurture, and who can inspire positive change across your organisation.  Perhaps larger organisations like ours need more than one to keep us on track! 

I'd encourage you to read the INWED Top 50 list, it features some fantastic heroes from across the engineering spectrum.

View the Top 50 Women in Engineering by clicking here.