The shortage of good quality housing in the UK is a widely accepted issue. A developers desire to develop Greenfield sites, put very simply, are mainly fiscal, it's cheaper and less risky.

Everyone accepts that building on brownfield land has to be where we look first.  I think in the past planners and planning law have taken the blame for preventing development to such sites.  

This though isn't the case, developers need to make a profit and this can't be done if the cost of land remediation is either too difficult to quantify or simply too expensive.

There are many sites available, the attached article shows that planning permission won't and probably isn't a barrier. The key in releasing sites is to make them attractive opportunities.  How this is done is the big question we are yet to answer.  

Is it time the Government start to look at their strategy.  Target upfront land remediation of sites they own, allowing them to gain greater capital receipts when sold, whilst also increasing the land available for development?