An interesting concept announced recently, regarding the construction of a new hotel facility at Luton Airport. Modular construction has been in the news frequently over the past few months with residential and factory projects, especially with the promised time and cost savings. 

The concept of off-site assembly, is not a new concept, the dream of moving to a factory controlled environment, as seen in the motor car industry, can of course lead to increased quality,  with a standardised approach to design. However, is there a risk that we are focusing too much on the benefits of Time/Cost/Quality? and not factoring in what the long term impact of this new bred of property, and how this will effect us both socially and culturally? 

Another concern with this article, is in regard to the potential skills shortages the UK may face in the coming years, especially with post-BREXIT. Is this future for the UK, were we outsource the manufacture of building and labour to another country? Potentially very harmful for our building industry, and although the UK building industry needs to modernise and become more efficient, we need some direction from the government on how to identify and tackle threats such as this concept.