Local Planning Authorities in London often refuse high density residential developments whilst there is a huge requirement for additional homes across the capital.

This month the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan,  has stepped in to two previously refused high density residential developments in Wealdstone and Tottenham Hale; to give both schemes the go-ahead.

There is a balance required between the new homes required in the capital and the preservation of green space, existing communities and the excellent urban context.

The Mayor of London has made his development strategy clear and sets a precedent for future densities in existing urban areas - develop denser.

Following his decision to intervene on these two developments we can be sure that developers are re-looking at there development plans. As these are reviewed, it's for designers to ensure that creating higher densities, designs are of very high quality, they contribute to the existing urban context, support extra amenity space and provide social, retail, work, education and leisure facilities.

In summary, a welcomed intervention from the Mayor of London to create a better capital urban environment.