I am very fortunate to be involved in some fantastic collaborative contracts within the construction and property sector. Collaboration is often seen as a cosy, friendly delivery model where everyone gets on in perfect harmony…

I do not agree.

Collaboration is hard work.

It is easy in our industry to slot back into the commercial mind set of “me first”, and in a world where contracts put us in an adversarial relationship with our delivery partners, a test of a collaborative relationship is the ability to deal with problems and conflicts and come out the other side stronger and better aligned.

Dealing with issues together tests the maturity of the relationship you have with your partners, and only succeeds if everyone is looking to achieve the greater good for the project, framework or contract you are working together to deliver.

It is hard work to change your mind set, to go against the norm and deliver for the greater good, but that hard work is rewarded with better results and often less stressful, more reliable projects in the long run.

With awards season upon us, and a realm of collaborative / integrated team awards up for grab, the ability of teams to solve problems and still deliver great results for their end users, stakeholders and community should be as important as the end results themselves.