Launched in October last year, the Infrastructure Industry Innovation Platform (i3P) creates a massive opportunity for our industry to embrace and push forward technological advances made through major programmes.

Within its background as part of the Crossrail Innovate18 initiative, the group is backed by major clients, contractors and industry representative bodies, including the Construction Leadership Council and the Civil Engineering Contractors Association.

iP3 says it will "help transform ideas into opportunities and practical solutions; providing a mechanism for strategically directing innovation to address the major challenges facing the infrastructure industry."

I see this as a big positive for our industry. The procurement and commercial landscape within the sector means keeping teams together, and learning from lessons project to project, are a big challenge for us all. iP3 potentially provides a centralised platform where ideas can come to fruition and the industry can learn and improve together.

At a cost of potentially £25,000 to join the club, iP3 is perhaps an exclusive club open only to the Tier 1 contractors, but with current procurement and contracting models focusing on Tier 1, this may be the bitter pill to swallow to get this off the ground.