I cannot make up my mind on this one. Normally I take my time before reaching decisions, sometimes because there are many options, sometimes because none are yet good enough, sometimes probably just because of my zodiac sign (Libra)!

Tinder for Town Planning? I may like its potential and in an ideal world where we are well informed (sometimes we may think we are but are we?) of the different options we can put matters to an electronic vote (be that a Tinder approach or a more prosaic option).

I believe there is great potential behind this idea. It would need though not just people but society to use it, with no agenda behind how options were put together and any results were not to be just dogmatically applied.

But I can also see that approach being misused at different levels. I would worry about how representative it would be. Or just fluffy. Or whimsical. An individual decision can be whimsical but can a popular vote be?

I'll let my idealistic and cynical sides of my Libra personality decide. Should I swipe left or right?