So HS2 has "all" been given the green light with Government commitment, including the Manchester and Leeds links. 

There is also funding for grants around road safety and local communities which is, no doubt, a welcome offer and will be well spent.

This is all great news for the industry, sector and the people who will use the new service. Or is it?

When you can get from Manchester to the capital in under 2 hours and Crewe to Euston in just over 1.5 hours this is debatable. Is knocking minutes off this journey going to make that much of a difference to your average traveler ? 

Given the local infrastructure from the commuter belt into the Manchester, for example, is lacking at best and a 25 mile train commute into the city can take over an hour on outdated rolling stock this is, for many, much more of an issue and focus. 

Improvements to these services and infrastructure would give massive benefits to the city commuters and drive down some of the horrific traffic we face on a daily basis as the only real alternative for many. 

I'm sure, the discussion will roll along, like the old diesel rattlers, that are for many, a integral part of the daily grind working in the city.