Over one year on from Raconteur's report on the top ten constructions, it's interesting to see that most haven't made the substantial impact on the industry the article suggested. 

Most of the subjects in the list, from modular building to 3D modelling are becoming more common, but perhaps don't create the fundamental shift change the industry needs to meet the Government's Construction 2025 strategy. 

Perhaps we need more investment and boundary pushing, as I documented in my post on the Google Smart City, or do we need clients to accept more of the risk that comes with trying new ideas and concepts? 

One thing for certain in my opinion is that new models of delivery such as IPI (Integrated Project Insurance) will help to break the contractual and procurement boundaries that limit innovation. It's not very sexy to say a procurement model unlocks innovation, but in reality the fundamentals of IPI, removing individual liability, blame and the risk of claims, means it's something I would definitely have at the top of my list if I were writing my top 10 innovations in the industry.

This is an interesting article none the less, and worth reading and sharing to get the conversation going and the sector thinking about the next big opportunities which will share our industry.