Modern stadia need to multi-purpose, with all stadia designs helping to highlight some of the simplistic and complex directions being taken when it comes to the sporting arenas around the world. 

There is a concept of not only being multi-purpose but mobile i.e. transferrable between tournaments. The "Floating" stadium is one of the most ambitious and innovative stadium design solutions being considered. 

Although Singapore have a floating soccer field, this structure is fixed, however a German architect, stadiumconcept, have developed a Floating Offshore stadium that can be relocated to seaside venues across the global oceans.

Due to its global mobility it can be utilised far more effectively as traditional stadiums - its mobility and overall eco-efficiency bring significant advantages over traditional, on-shore stadium concepts. Profitable long-term utilisation and sustainability can go hand-in-hand with innovation, if funders/investors have the foresight to lead the way for 21st century sports entertainment delivery.