The construction industry performance is a primary indicator for the UK's short term performance.

It is one of the first hit industry sectors to be hit prior to recessions due to investors pulling out of property investments. It is also one of the slowest industry sectors to grow after recessions due to the time lag of design and construction periods.

The news that the industry experienced its weakest performance for seven years in June, pre & post BREXIT is concerning.

To ensure the industry has sustainable growth, 'mega projects' have to be brought forward to balance the industry due to their long design and construction periods.

The government should now look urgently at 'mega' infrastructure projects in the pipeline and take swift action to not only balance the industry but assist in stabilizing the UK economy.

Projects should include; HS2, HS3, multiple airport expansions, Crossrail 2, Bakerloo line extension, Pennine Express, Energy centres, Old Oak Common Redevelopment and large UK holiday destination expansions; to name a few.

These projects will not only assist the short and medium term economic out-put performance; but it will place the UK at the forefront of world class infrastructure for many years to come