An interesting stance by Head Teachers who do not wish the results to be published.

If the SATS tests in 2016 are so very different to previous years that they are not comparable, then perhaps the opportunity should have been taken to revise them thoroughly and call them something different or assess our young people in another less stressful way?

In truth, the SATs are used to provide an assessment for two things: Firstly to help ensure that students are allocated to the correct GCSE's groups for future learning; secondly parents use these snap shot tests to assess their local schools.

In both of the above instances if grades are reduced due to the fact that the tests are more difficult, then this will be reflected across the board.  SATs results are rarely used as  a measure by employers or Universities so the fact they are non-comparable to previous years should not prevent their publication.

However, for those schools who have become adept at teaching to the SATs curriculum to ensure students success and to secure league table placement - these schools may have to re-think their teaching strategy.  For parents, this must be a good thing.  Learning should be far more than just exam success at any given point in time.