DoE National Tables January 2016, Table 1a establishes the number of pupils from age 2  - 18 years who are educated in state funded schools. There are, according to the Department for Education statistics, 7,913, 953 pupils in schools in England. With 350,000 being supported by sponsored academies, this is just 4.4% of the total school population. With 85% of pupils now attending schools rated as either good or outstanding, then it might be suggested that this improvement is not due to Academisation and further more, to push through such radical change to the structure of education, may be attempting to mend a public service that is not broken. 

If we really want to see improved opportunities for our youngsters, then we need to provide environments that  nurture enquiring minds, allowing each student to reach and exceed their own potential. To invest in teaching excellence is key as without vibrant teachers, who are truly excited about their subjects, how can we possibly expect our young people to be inspired? 

Academies may provide this opportunity for leading change by example, but there are other influencing factors that may have equal impact upon performance. These factors should not be overlooked in the hope that an "Academy for All" solution will mend the minority of broken schools. 

It seems that an "Academy for All" approach may be an oversized plaster for a small graze!