In a day that the United Kingdom decided to leave the EU this does not mean that we stop communicating or collaborating locally, regionally, nationally and internationally whether that is Europe or further afield.

The construction industry is diverse but with many organisation “lean” efforts in the construction industry today usually means collaborative communication and its supporting ICT have been reduced to a secondary tier in favour of rationalising, but usually scope deletion, of the physical design badged as value engineering. The assumption is that we are all good communicators and often when ICT based communication is discussed and if managed in construction it often only comprises the technical aspects of information handling and transfer, such as modelling and project communication format. Project Communication and Collaboration should consider the improvement and lessons learnt from the construction industry, project group processes, work procedures, as well as the sharing and transfer of knowledge between different professional domains in projects and companies/disciplines. There seems to be a resistance within the whole construction industry supply chain (from intelligent clients, to consultants, contractors, sub-contractors and suppliers) of creating true usefulness, user acceptance and organisational adoption of ICT in a construction project to promote openness, team work collaboration. Perhaps it’s a funding issue, perhaps it’s a technology issue with different ICT programmes not be able to interface with each other, perhaps it’s a scalable issue and works better on larger project, but in this modern day of technology and the younger generation used to instant communication maybe the construction industry needs to refresh it’s “lean” effort focus and take the lead with communication and collaboration through innovative technology solutions to work efficiently together.