As a Constructing Excellence Collaborative Working Champion, a question I often get asked is what does a CW Champion actually do?

It sounds obvious, but the clue is in the name; our role is to champion collaborative working practices within our businesses, and act as a central resource for the industry as a whole to benefit from.

Producing resources and influencing government strategy is a key part of what we do, and this includes creating white papers, checklists and toolkits to help guide the industry. (The link below will take you to one of the first of our new Top 10 Tips guides.)

At our most recent meeting in Cardiff, we debated the topic of what skill-sets a champion needs. What does it take to stand up for the right way of delivering projects, standing up for fairness, efficiency and trust... what does it take to be a collaborative superhero? 

My take is as follows. You need to have:

  • The ability to coach, mentor and support colleagues in understanding collaborative working.
  • Influence in your organisation - not necessarily by being the boss, but being able to leverage your position to promote the collaborative agenda.
  • Desire and passion to make a difference.
  • Courage in your convictions, and a gutsy just do it attitude.
  • Vision and an understanding of the big picture.

I would be interested to hear from you on what you think it takes to champion collaborative working. What personal qualities or attributes should someone have to take this role? And is it a role that's still needed?