Awards are a funny thing in our industry. 

There seems to be no end of opportunities to enter these days, from niche awards like the Structural Timber awards, through to national industry awards like Building and Construction News, and then onto the big institutions, RIBA, RICS, ICE etc...

Awards also seem to be getting more pricey. Free entry is the current trend, but with a £1000-4000 bill for a table if you shortlist.  Add to that the drinks bill (we know the construction industry likes a drink) and all of a sudden it's a big hit on your wallet!

But this award makes me smile, because it's awarded for all the right reasons, without the glitz glamour and excess of some of the bigger events.

The NEC3 awards recognise the fundamentals of what makes projects great - collaboration, working together, problem solving and delivering a great project for the community. 

It's not a backed by big PR exercise either, it's awarded at the end of a day of learning, sharing ideas and debating collaborative delivery. 

That's why I think it's one of the best awards a company like Pick Everard can win, because ultimately it recognises our business culture and how we work with clients, contractors and stakeholders.


Am I biased? 

Well you could argue that as we've just won the award for the second year running, but we've also this year won an RICS Infrastructure award, been recognised by NCE as a "Company to watch", and are in the running for Construction News Consultant of the Year.

Watch the video, and please like and share it on social media. Ollie and team from Pick Everard, Jenkins and Weir, empa and the whole team deserve recognition for the hard work they've put in!