Modular construction, off-site manufacture and smart buildings all have the potential to be the disruptive force that "ubers" the construction industry.

But they won't. 

Whilst they have the potential to improve what we do, they're likely still delivered by the same companies that rely on traditional bricks and mortar construction for their main turnover. They're a great step forward, but ultimately are a bit like sticking a new meter in a taxi, rather than replacing it completely with a new way of booking and paying for travel.

However, this article is interesting. 

What if the whole built environment was designed from day one to be different, we may have a chance. This article suggests that Google subsidiary Sidewalk Labs is developing concepts for developing a whole smart city, and if you consider the impact this could have on land values and development opportunities highlighted in this report, the impact could transform how we live, work and interact with the built environment.